Diamonds are obviously readily available in a pretty large assortment of colours. Most folks know about colorless diamonds and GIA’s color grading method that is utilized to classify a diamond’s entire body colour… you know D, E, F, and so forth. This shade grading system is only used to classify the most frequent diamond overall body colour of yellow even so whenever a diamond is found in one more color like pink, blue, environmentally friendly, and so on. then this diamond is referred to as a “fancy diamond”.

Organic Fancy diamonds can be pretty pricey and lots of moments far more highly-priced than a similar dimensions colorless diamond. A incredibly great instance of a Extravagant diamond is the notorious 45.52 carat fancy deep blue diamond, the Hope Diamond, which is on exhibit in the Smithsonian All-natural Historical past Museum in Washington, DC.

A shade increased diamond is a a hundred% purely natural diamond that has experienced its coloration transformed. And very best of all, colour increased diamonds arrive in a really extensive choice of hues at really reasonably priced selling prices!

A bit of heritage-

For a lot of, lots of decades it has been nicely identified that a diamond’s coloration could be “improved” by putting a bit of coloured substance on the area of a diamond and just like magic… a diamond that experienced a obvious yellowish color would transform to a more beautiful around colorless diamond. However, this form of colour improved diamond could transform back to its unique entire body shade if this colored compound was unintentionally taken off.

In a lot more modern decades, the technology of coloration enhanced diamonds has absent very superior tech. It is now probable to entirely improve the coloration of a diamond! These processes are thought of everlasting since it does remain secure when exposed to day to day regular circumstances. The colour will not fade if uncovered to sunlight or be washed off by harsh substances.

How is it carried out?

The desired end result of any of these treatment options is to have a more marketable diamond. A considerably less marketable diamond would be a diamond that has a minimal overall body shade or sometimes a decrease clarity. The colour increased diamond procedure organizations know if they begin off with a particular form of diamond and system it for a particular quantity of time that they should conclusion up with a specific color but it does not usually do the job that way. This is a science that does have to have some artwork in their procedures… the only approach that presents regular benefits is the coating process.

The a few procedures are as follows-

Method #1- HPHT Coloration Enhanced Diamonds- Superior Tension / High Temperature (HPHT) therapy can boost the color of particular forms of brown diamonds and therefore improve their value. Common Electric has designed a course of action that pretty significantly is a mechanical simulation of a diamond’s creation in character. The coloration increased diamond will be heated up to a pretty high temperature beneath a quite large, stabilized stress. Faults in the crystal composition are then rearranged resulting in an alteration of the diamond’s shade.

Mainly because the ailments of HPHT are quite comparable to diamond’s authentic development, only a very well outfitted lab will be ready to positively identify this kind of shade enhanced diamond. HPHT was initial made use of to change yellowish diamonds into far more marketable fancy coloured enhanced diamonds, but now it is also applied to remodel some unpopular brownish diamonds into extra fascinating colorless coloured enhanced diamonds.

Process #two- Irradiated Coloration Enhanced Diamonds- Okay… do not begin finding all excited simply because you observed the term irradiated! This is a 100% secure process that is quite equivalent to what is made use of to preserve food by exposing it to a stream of Gamma rays. The color improved diamond approach is carried out in quite a few various means but the success are all the same. You commence with a reduced color (P, Q, R, etc.) one hundred% normal diamond that has now been lower and polished, then it is uncovered to a stream of fast electrons. In the course of this section of the course of action the diamond will change to a pretty dark shade because some of the atoms in the diamond’s crystal construction have now been dislocated and this in switch has influenced the way gentle passes by way of the diamond. Up coming the diamond goes via a controlled heating (annealing) process, this allows some of these atoms to relocate (partly fixed) in purchase to attain a wished-for shade.

Process #3- Coated Shade Improved Diamonds- The coating on polished diamonds refers to a skinny synthetic layer that alters the color of the diamond. The coating can possibly be of the wished-for color or can trigger a colored interference-outcome. However at times this system is accomplished to deceive a consumer. It is a somewhat uncomplicated method to carry out, it has been all over for several several years (despite the fact that the coatings components are substantially improved now), and it does not demand a good deal of highly-priced significant tech gear. Not too long ago, I’ve seen some pink coated diamonds on the sector, they are incredibly beautiful…. and of class you would have to buy them understanding that they have been coated and abide by your jeweler’s tips about proudly owning and caring for these coloration enhanced diamonds.

The coating can be used to the entire of a diamond’s surface area, just the base of the diamond, or to a narrow zone near the girdle. A effectively-utilized coating can change the colour by just one or far more shade quality. Some coatings can be removed by boiling in acid, sturdy cleansing options, or even domestic chemical compounds. From time to time dots or more substantial locations of purple or blue ink are painted on the diamond to support counteract a yellowish colour. The diamond’s setting will typically go over the dots, so they are hard to see in a mounted stone.

So, is a shade increased diamond appropriate for you?

Maybe… natural extravagant colour diamonds can be gorgeous but they are high-priced! Colour increased diamonds are cost-effective and make it possible for quite a few individuals to have a brightly coloured diamond. Check with your area jeweler if they have any Extravagant diamonds…. possibly pure or shade increased diamonds. It is normally attention-grabbing, and entertaining, to seem at a little something diverse!

Under normal have on the irradiated and HPHT shade increased diamonds will have no difficulties of the colour fading away. The only consideration will be when you will need to have any sort of provider accomplished on the piece of jewellery. If this kind of shade increased diamond is exposed to extreme quantities of warmth it may possibly impact the shade. The jeweler will will need to know that the diamond is a shade enhanced diamond before any work is performed and then the jeweler will be capable to come to a decision on the greatest course of motion. Shade enhanced diamonds are now also utilised as the little accent diamonds all-around a much larger colorless diamond. There are numerous interesting pieces of jewellery obtainable with smaller blue, yellow, black, or eco-friendly shade enhanced diamonds.

Now that you know about colour increased diamonds and someone tries to sell you on what they contact a all-natural extravagant colored diamond but it is at a super cut price price tag… you will know that some thing just does not sound suitable about the supply. A report from a highly regarded grading lab must accompany all purely natural Fancy colored diamonds that are promoted as organic.
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If you offer with a highly regarded firm and you have been reassured about what you are obtaining, then you will lessen the likelihood of some thing negative occurring to you. As with any condition involving an expensive obtain of a little something that not numerous persons are effectively versed in, instruction ought to be an essential section of your strategy. This is even much more essential if you prepare to acquire a colour increased diamond.

Bud Boland has been in the jewellery enterprise for 40 years and has accomplished every thing from watchmaking, diamond setting, jewelry building, and has been a Gemologist for approximately 35 several years. He is a Graduate Gemologist from GIA (Gemological Institute of The us), which is also the location where he was an Teacher. He has taught about diamonds to hundreds of learners from all around the world.


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