Answering Top Christian Questions From Google Search

I was looking at popular search terms from the search engines and I wanted to select a few of the top interests and comment on the meanings.

Why Christians Hate? Well Christians do not own the patent on hating people of course, as everyone may be guilty of doing this at some point in their lives. Christians are of course as guilty as everyone else however, and much of this hate is from the teachings of fundamental religion that portrays a God that has these very human characteristics. Fundamental religion teaches that God is vengeful, that God is separated from us, and that God freely cast plagues and despair on mankind. If Christians are taught that their own God is capable of hate, then how can they assume to rise above this level of humanity? The truth is that mankind has placed these human conditions on their understanding of God. We were created from what God is, and God does not hate any part of himself.

Why do Christians Fast? For the same reasons that other persons of other theologies fast; fasting changes the vibration of the physical body. Fasting speeds up the vibration allowing one to be closer in tune with the intuition that we naturally have. If one fasts with a direct intention to receive some knowledge about any subject, and meditates on this subject the answer to the question is very much amplified and comes quicker than if one had not fasted. Fasting however is not required to get in tune with the vibration of intuition that we all posses. This is simply a state of mind that one remains in by focusing more on the spiritual things of life rather than the mundane entertainment offered by the media and usual conversations.

Why do Christians Fear? Again, Christians are not the only ones to live in fear, but their own theology does set them up to have fear if not live in it. Obviously the number one motivation set up by the catholic roman church and entered into the bible in the middle ages is the concept of Hell. This concept does more than scare the Hell out of people but even worse infers that God would allow any of his own to be cast into such a horrible place for all eternity. This notion suggests that even the most loving of all, the creator of all, the loaf of bread that we are all a slice of, is not capable of allowing us the time and patience to reach his level of harmony. Once a person has been slowly, relentlessly brain washed with this information, then of course fear will be present.

Definition of God, Meaning of God? If you are looking for the definition of God, then you are basically looking for another persons opinion of what God is. This is of course completely fine, but never substitute your own common sense and intuition to understand what God is. Obviously there are different variations of God depending on what country you are in and who you ask. To me God is an energy that is much more than we can comprehend while here in our physical bodies.In the beginning of all that is, there was an energy of some kind that created everything from its self. There was only 1 energy, and there is still only 1 energy, the source of all that is. God is the underlaying vibration that connects everything to everything. The vibration of God the source is a very high vibration that most of us do not live in resonance with for the most part, but we do continue to grow and move closer to this vibration as we learn and experience things here on earth.

Many of us have had the feeling of being “saved” as in fundamental religious theology, or having meditated on the thought of God and had the same feeling of vibrating intensely with love and acceptance. This is simply using the intent to move closer to the vibration of God, and using the natural tool we were all given to do so.This vibration can be experienced with any religion or without any religion as it is always present regards of what ones theology may be. God is not a IFCJ ratings, and neither was Jesus. Religion is just mans way of trying to quantify something that can not be quantified. God exists with or without religion.

God exists with or without your consideration of his existence. Connecting to this vibration of God is done very simply in seeking the thoughts that make you feel good, in seeing in others things that make you feel good. Gods pure domain is that of Love, and it is our journey to head towards that in any way that seems practical for us to do. If religion is a means for you to accomplish this, then that is wonderful. Just keep in mind that religion was set up by men who claimed to have more knowledge than you have, and claimed to have the only path to heaven thereby taking away your own spiritual ownership.

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