A Soft Toss Drill Improves Hitting

If you’re on a baseball team, chances are you participate in regular drills over and over again. Hitting drills are great because they let you work on your hitting mechanics and improve before you even approach the batter’s box during a game or for live batting practice. You get used to hitting the baseball in different situations with the help of hitting drills.

One drill that is pretty common and very helpful, no matter what age group, is called the soft toss drill. For this drill you need a bat, lots of baseballs, a protective screen, netting or a fence, and one other person.

To set up for the soft toss drill, first place the protective screen approximately 10 feet from the hitter. The person helping the hitter should kneel in front and to the side of him. They will underhand toss the Ball pool to the hitter, preferably from different hitting locations so he can be prepared for different scenarios. It’s a good idea to do at least 10 tosses for each side: on the outside part of the plate, on the inside part of the plate and down the middle of the plate.

As the batter swings, he should try to hit the ball to the appropriate areas on the field. The hitter will be getting practice hitting the ball where it’s pitched. Make sure each swing counts. Hit the ball solidly, as if it were during a game. Players should do this every time they are practicing their hitting. If you’re not giving it your all, you won’t know what you’re fully capable of during a game.

If you get a little bored with the soft toss drill, switch things up and make a game out of it. Have two groups of players with a scoring system. Designate three targets on the field, in three different areas, and see which team can hit the most balls closest to the targets. Have one person call out the location of the field they should hit in, whether it’s left, right or center.

There are more ways you can play soft toss, but usually only advanced players use them. This basic version can be utilized by all baseball ages. The good thing about the soft toss drill is that it never goes out of style and it’s beneficial to all players. Even professionals participate in this drill often. If they do it, so can you.


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