The Terrific Albarino Scandal of 2009

All people loves a good scandal, and this one’s got federal government officers scurrying for deal with like sprayed cockroaches – from Barcelona to the Barossa…any individual has stuffed up large time…

Like with the rugby, the world wide dominance of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is aggravating for every superior Australian wine-grower and it is heartening to see the growers trying new areas, clones and varietals to arrive up with a contender to the excellent old Marborough cats-pee and capsicum concoctions of New Zealand.

Just one of the international locations the Australians seemed to for options was Spain and in individual, the Albarino grape.

To reduce a extensive tale small, the Australians delivered the varietal in, planted it, labelled and started providing it…..then a couple of years afterwards any person in the corridors of ability concluded his tea crack, seemed at the Australian Albarino clone less than a microscope and located out that in real simple fact the stuff is NOT Albarino – it is a little something called Sauvinee Blanc (The term Sauvinee has a fabulous Spanish twirl more than the “e” but I have offered up on the lookout for it on my laptop).

The Australian authorities are blaming the Spanish authorities who are denying any legal responsibility and the farmers, pretty rightly are howling for blood, just after investing in the varietal and its possible positioning in the international current market.
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I first fell over the grape at an ANZA Wine Club Spanish night time, and the initially point that arrived into my Chorizo and Grenacha addled-brain at the time was – “holy hell this things is excellent Sauvignon Blanc.”

It has the very same acid – perhaps a little bit additional refined. It typically has that very same crisp acid possible that we need from our Sauvignon Blanc alongside one another a truthful slug of lush tropical fruit. It appears to be in quick, a terrific Sauvignon Blanc substitute for these intrigued in the following-greatest-factor in fragrant whites, and how cares what its known as – so long as it preferences good?

I have chosen a model from each and every side of the fence on this a single to endorse.

From Australia, my flavour of the moment is Jim Irvine’s Albarino/Sauvignee Blanc from the Barossa.
From Spain – the resource of the Scandal – Eidos de Padrinan Albarino 2008 from Spain.

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