Data Administration in Authorities Organizations in Sierra Leone


Documents Management is the systematic command of all records from their development or receipt, by their processing, distribution, business, storage and retrieval to their greatest disposition. Due to the fact data is this sort of an significant resource to firm, the documents management function also consists of information and facts administration. For that reason, documents administration is also known as Documents and Facts Administration or RIM (Magnus, 2006).

Information management could also be applied to outline as the way official data (correspondence files, information) are organized in such a way that they have a meaning, and can be used repeatedly by the people this kind of as administrators, data pros, educational institutions,

Relevance of Documents Management in Authorities Organizations

Setting up a documents management programme, in government businesses for instance, the Meteorological Office may perhaps consequence in both rapid and extended-term worth to the department. Underneath are stated some of the relevance of data administration in the federal government businesses, civil assistance, companies and companies as a whole:

• Documents management minimizes shed or misplaced documents. Because the human ingredient is normally with us, even the most effective system in the earth will once in a while have misplaced documents. But thoroughly built doc administration units can steadily reduce misfiles. Most generally misfiled data can price the clerical staff a massive wastage of time in searching for documents

• Documents administration act as proof in the time of dispute. It is crucial for the settlement of dispute due to the fact it can be revealed as proof in court docket

• It will help in assessing development of group.
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It assists in the preservation of heritage of the corporation. The previous data demonstrates path to group. It allows in obtaining out the weaknesses and toughness of firm. Data management provides the account of development and path in which group is giving on

• Data administration is the memory of organization. It is handy for potential conclusion creating method. The review of past information displays way for potential. It materials info to group whenever it is wanted consequently, it allows in taking selection

• Data management allows to examine organization development and efficiency. It will help in comparison between one particular period of time and a different or concerning someday of organizations

• Documents management can help in administration and manage of essential data. It assists to defend essential records with treatment and disposes worthless records
• To lessen litigation challenges. Group put into practice data administration programmes in get to cut down the challenges linked with litigation and opportunity penalties. This can be similarly true in federal government businesses. A regularity applied data management programme can minimize the liabilities associated with doc disposal by providing for their systematic, schedule disposal in a regular training course of enterprise

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